My name is Conner Going, and I am a curator of concepts. I am a musician, photographer, writer, sculptor, and communicator, among other things.

I am extremely curious about that which I do not understand. With each new experience, I gain a new perspective, and a new understanding about the world. I have a strong passion for creating new experiences for other people, specifically through the use of audio/visual mediums. I plan to use my skills to spread novel ideas that stimulate critical thinking to the general public.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire with a self crafted Liberal Studies degree titled "Innovative Communication".  This degree is synthesized the three concentrations of Strategic Messaging, Creative Design, and Media Studies. The classes within these concentrations were selected with the intent of discovering the most fluid and effective ways of creating and sharing information.

Information is most often thought of in relation to language, because language was the thing that was invented to relay information clearly and effectively. Images and sounds, however, are experienced abstractly within the mind, regardless of one's linguistic background. While everyoneperceive things differently based upon their own mental construct, commonalities still exist between experiences, and therefore I see images and sounds as being somewhat cryptic, yet universal languages.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, everything that we create is inspired by something else, or a combination of things. Information is always attained through some sort of experience. The richer that experience is, the more memorable the information will be. A well targeted message with the right synthesis of elements will permeate the fog that exists in an over-saturated society, so that it may pull at the heart strings and spark new ideas.

I am synthesizing my own experiences in order to create new ones for other people. It is my goal to one day become self-sustaining through my own creations; by producing beautiful works that move the mind, body, and soul in positive directions.

I hope you resonate with my expressions.